Windshield Installation

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield Repair and Replacement doesn’t have to be a long, expensive repair. At Rawlins Glass Center, we make it as painless as possible.


Getting your windshield replaced by certified professionals is extremely important for your safety and security while driving. Whether we are installing glass on heavy equipment or personal vehicles, here at Rawlins Glass Center we pride ourselves in professional installations by experienced and trained technicians.

Glass Quality

AS-1 Safety Laminated Glass with .03 Laminated inner layer is the minimum quality glass we allow on-site here at our shop on Spruce Steet. AS-1 Safety glass is able to withstand all federally regulated impact tests, and all of our auto glass follows this AS-1 safety standards with the highest quality as set by Federal Government.


Here at Rawlins Glass Center we pride ourselves in using the most modern technologies in the auto glass industry…from top name brands as Equalizer to GT Tools we love to use the best the industry has to offer. Our cord cutting technique even allows us to remove a windshield completely without any metal components like cutting or sawing. This guarantees a scratch-free and chip free installation.


We guarantee the workmanship of all our installations for the duration of the life of the glass. If a crack is directly tied to a workmanship issue we will replace the windshield for free! Workmanship issues can usually be tied one of two failed workmanship causes…1. Edge of the glass rubbing against metal.This is when a windshield is “set” up against a metal frame. Often windshields are placed in very tight frames where there is little to no room for error along the edges. If your windshield has this issue it is very easy to see. 2. The second main workmanship issue is when a vehicles cowl cover or trim is re-secured too tightly down onto an edge of the glass. This is also very easily detectable and we can inspect these workmanship problems quickly if you’d like us to.

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