Rock Chip Repair


Getting your windshield repaired by certified professionals is extremely important for your safety and security while driving. Not to mention how annoying it is to drive with those annoying cracks all across your view. Whether we are repairing glass on heavy equipment or personal vehicles, here at Rawlins Glass Center we pride ourselves in professional repairs by experienced and trained technicians. We can help you extend the life of your windshield by repairing chips before they enter the “crack phase” and become a greater problem. Usually a rock chip can be repaired in under 25 minutes so that you don’t have to wait too long. 


Repair Resin Quality

Here at Rawlins Glass Center we use a variety of glass repair techniques, methods and materials to fit each and every chip repair with the best solution possible. Our Repair resins are made to fix anything from large holes, to pits or divots, to small cracks. Although once a chip has entered the crack phase all bets are off. With a variety of formulas and mixtures, we are able to diagnose and repair any chips/pits smaller than a quarter so long as they haven’t come through to the inside layer of glass.



Here at Rawlins Glass Center we pride ourselves in using the most modern technologies in the auto glass industry for our repairs…our injection systems are provided by Delta Kits, and are the best the industry has to offer. Our curing lighting is also provided Delta Kits and has some of the fastest cure times in the industry. We are excited about our different formulas that come in varying viscosities from GT Tools in Colorado. Depending on the depth, and extent of your particular chip we will differing methods and resins to custom fill every chip you bring our way.



We cannot guarantee that chips with cracks will not crack further. It is extremely important however to seal small cracks so they don’t get moisture in them and freeze and crack further. If a rock has caused a chip, that is one thing, but if it has caused any cracking then it’s beyond the “chip” phase and into the “crack” phase. Chips that extend out past the edge of a quarter are not safe to repair and require a windshield to be replaced. 

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