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As vehicle windshields become increasingly complicated it’s important to cover yourself with Good Insurance. Gone are the days of simplicity with vehicles…even if we all secretly want the old days back. Today windshields have imbedded cameras, heated wipers or whole heated windshields, light or rain or condensation sensors built in…it goes on and on! Some windshields even have GoPro camera mounts pre-built into the glass so you can film all your adventures!!! Many of these advanced windshields or motorized back glass repairs can easily cost over $1,000! Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to these expensive repairs…call us and ask about insurance, we know the best companies out there and we would be more then willing to guide you to the best in the business.

Would you like some help with that tricky insurance company? Just come by the shop and we will help you make the claim. It’s sad that in our day and age, insurance claims have to be so difficult! Isn’t it frustrating? Let us do the heavy lifting…we deal with all these insurance companies all the time and have a pretty good handle on getting them to take care of our customers.


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