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At Rawlins Glass we stock a variety of products in large sheet quantities that we can cut custom for your home or project. 

Single Strength Glass:

Single Strength glass is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick and was used in days past for many window applications. It’s is quite brittle compared to more current and modern options, and we highly recommend repairs be made with stronger materials if at all possible. 

Double Strength Glass:

Double Strength glass is approximately 1/8th of an inch think and is used for most residential and commercial glass purposes. As its name implies Double Strength Glass is approximately twice the strength of the old single strength glass at a similar cost to the consumer. Double Strength Glass can come in a variety of tints, and can be ordered “frosted”(obscure) to prevent seeing through the glass as you find in many bathroom functions. 

Plate Glass:

Plate Glass is approximately ¼ inch thick and is used for large open windows, table tops, and commercial storefront purposes. 

Large bay windows are an excellent way to enjoy all the views and vistas we have here in Wyoming. As you would expect, larger glass windows like this cannot be made from thinner glass for safety reasons. Most of these larger options come in tempered glass form. 

Table tops and desk covers will preserve your beautiful furniture for years to come. Made out of ¼ plate glass table tops are easy to clean and allow viewing of wood grains and table top styles. Table Tops can be ordered with a variety of edges like beveled, polished and sanded. We provide spacers for placing under the glass to help lift the glass off the surface of the top if desired. 

Commercial Storefront is often made with plate glass because of its durability and longevity. If your Storefront project is located close to a door or the ground then the glass will likely need to be tempered. Almost all glass measuring over 50sqft surface area is tempered.

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